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What Sets Propane Service Apart from the Competition

A new branding study by the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) suggests propane stands apart from its energy competitors by building an emotional connection with customers. “These are small, local businesses — mom-and-pops — and there’s an American image that’s really powerful,” said Kip Creel, founder of market research firm StandPoint who helped develop the study, to LPGas Magazine.

At ThompsonGas, we couldn’t agree more. We believe our customers rely on propane services because they associate propane with a local, hardworking business they can count on and grow with for life. We trace our humble beginnings back to 1946 when Lloyd Thompson founded our company in Boonsboro, Md. Our shop still stands in Boonsboro to this day, and we’ve been serving that same small farming community and beyond with time-honored, family values we’ve never lost focus on: service, value and trust.

Though our customer base has grown, ThompsonGas is still that local, hometown company our customers trust for safe, reliable, clean and low-cost propane. Whether our customers are grilling outside in summer or heating their homes during winter, they know they can count on us to increase their family’s comfort, reduce energy costs, and power their homes and businesses safely.

Our propane delivery drivers know our customers by first name, and vice versa. We view each customer as an extension of our own family. With us on your team you’ll never have to worry about running out of propane again. Because no matter the conditions, we guarantee that your propane needs are met and you’re getting the best value for the best price. We’re the hometown propane dealer you can always count on.

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