Propane Is Now The Fuel Of Choice To Power Automobiles


We’ve all seen the rise in popularity of hybrid vehicles appearing on the highways and byways of the United States. These gas efficient cars alternate from regular fuel to battery power, providing drivers with up to 50 miles per gallon in some models. But there’s an even more cash conservative option that is making headway across the nation. You guessed it, propane powered automobiles are becoming more and more popular, and not necessarily just for business fleets.

16,000 Propane Filling Stations And Counting!

There is a fascinating article written by Delaware Online’s Jeremy Cox that deserves your attention. In the past, we’ve discussed several instances of schools and businesses converting their fleets to operate on propane rather than traditional gasoline, however, in this piece, Mr. Cox provides some very eye-opening information.

Yes, government fleets and industrial vehicles have been experiencing the benefits of propane in their fuel tanks for quite some time, with the number continuing to grow each year. It’s not very often that the public hears as much about the moving trend of public vehicles being converted to operate on propane. According to the article there are currently 16,000 propane filling stations spread across the nation, fueling over 143,000 vehicles. The Ford Motor Company, one of the largest automotive companies in America, have been offering their popular F-150 with alternative fuel options such as liquid propane gas for the past few years. On new vehicles, Ford’s upgrade is very reasonable, often paying for itself in fuel savings very quickly.

It seems more and more savvy car owners are considering the option to rely less on gasoline and more on alternative fuel. In addition to the tremendous savings available when compared to traditional gasoline, propane is also more environmentally friendly. Studies have shown propane powered vehicles produce much less carbon monoxide emissions than those utilizing gasoline. Another benefit is roughly 90% of the United State’s propane supply is produced within our borders, helping to ease the nation’s reliance on foreign oil.

With average savings of nearly 30% when compared to gasoline, propane operated vehicles can not only save a great deal of money for business fleet owners, it is quickly becoming a very viable option for the general driving public.