Delivery & Service Options

Midwestern Propane Gas Co. offers delivery options to fit your home or business propane needs. When you need propane delivery, you can count on us. No matter what the weather or market conditions look like, we work hard to provide you with a reliable supply of propane.

Automatic Delivery

With automatic delivery, Midwestern Propane Gas Co. will regularly monitor your propane supply levels. To schedule deliveries, we combine your usage history, temperature and other factors to determine when your tank level drops below 40%. This happens automatically so there’s no need to call, schedule an appointment, or check your tank levels. In cases of extreme weather or other emergencies, our automatic delivery customers are guaranteed to be supplied.

Will Call

Will call delivery is ideal for customers who use propane for gas logs, a generator, a grill, a pool heater, a space heater, back up heat or a combination of these appliances. These types of propane powered appliances make it difficult for our automatic delivery system to accurately calculate how much propane you will use and when we need to make a delivery.  If you are a will call customer, you must call your local office or request a delivery online when your tank gauge reaches 30%. Please keep in mind that will call customers must call up to 5 business days prior to the need for delivery, to allow time for scheduling within our regular routes. Please be sure to plan accordingly and be prepared to provide your tank % from your gauge.

All propane deliveries require an established account in your name. If you do not have an account or the service at your address is under the name of a previous resident, please contact your local office or go online to establish an account in your name.