Why Commercial Propane?

If you’re running a business, and are looking for an efficient fuel that burns cleanly while being cost-effective and reliable, look no further than propane. It’s the perfect solution for a wide range of industries, whether it’s to help with tending your crops or to make sure your restaurant always has the heat to cook your world-famous cuisines, propane will provide the luxury of an ease of mind and lower expenses.


Working a farm brings its own unique set of stressors. Using propane to power your equipment will let you focus on what’s important, and alleviate the worries that aren’t.

Midwestern Propane is proud to offer affordable propane to help power the Agricultural Industry. Whether you own a nursery, farm or business to help providers dry crops, our consistently competitive propane rates can help increase your profits.

For several decades we have built personal relationships with businesses, just like yours, becoming a trusted partner. We provide not only highly efficient, affordable propane, but also act as a detailed energy consultant for a wide variety of agricultural companies and applications.

When you’re a Midwestern Propane client, we treat your business as if it was part of our growing family, offering the best rates and direct access to our team of propane professionals.

Some of the applications propane can be utilized within the agricultural industry include:

– Irrigation Engines
– Crop Drying
– Flame Weed Control
– Poultry and Swine Building Heat
– Greenhouse Heating
– Frost Protection
– Sanitation & Waste Management


For vehicles that are constantly on the road, they need to operate efficiently while still having the power when you need it. Autogas will keep your business moving, and at a lower cost compared to traditional gasoline fuels.

We’ve all seen the rise in popularity of hybrid vehicles appearing on the highways and byways of the United States. These gas efficient cars alternate from regular fuel to battery power, providing drivers with up to 50 miles per gallon in some models. But there’s an even more cash conservative option that is making headway across the nation. You guessed it, propane-powered automobiles are becoming more and more popular, and not necessarily just for business fleets.

With average savings of nearly 30% when compared to gasoline, propane operated vehicles can not only save a great deal of money for business fleet owners, it is quickly becoming a very viable option for the general driving public.


Whether it be for instant heat to power your cook line, or for general heating to keep your shoppers warm within your store, the application of propane within your business will keep costs low and efficiency high.

Midwestern Propane can offer commercial propane for all your business needs at competitive and affordable propane prices. We guarantee that you will never run of propane, plus we offer 24/7 emergency service in the event that you experience issues. We deliver fair propane prices consistently. We don’t just deliver propane; we can help you create an Energy Plan that offers you the best value possible. Our commercial propane services can even save your business or organization money.


If you rely on forklifts every day to manage your fast-moving inventory, you need consistent performance from your entire fleet. Propane will give you the edge you need to keep your day-to-day machinery at their best.
Propane enables your workforce the ability to get more done daily, cutting down on refueling time and helping ensure your equipment stays in tip-top shape while also, making your business a more environmentally safe workplace, increasing forklift speed by using propane for forklift rather than electric and having the ability to lift heavier loads than most electric powered forklifts.


Propane has a multitude of uses within construction. Whether it’s for space heaters to keep your workers warm on a cold working day, or to provide new homeowners high-efficiency appliances, propane will get you the results.

Homebuilders, you can now confidently offer your new homebuyers the opportunity to save on their utility bills from the day they move in with our Home Builder Propane Program!

There are much more uses for propane than just heating a home and providing hot water—and we are here to help you convey all the benefits of propane to your new home clients. We are one of the largest propane providers in the country, with a service area continuing to grow annually. Why not incorporate our propane experience into your new home building packages, providing just one more reason for buyers to choose your homes and communities?