Now when your propane arrives so will your invoice.

In these days of conservation, both in natural resources and money, ThompsonGas is moving to billing our customers at the time of the propane delivery. We will now leave the delivery ticket as well as the invoice for that delivery, along with an envelope for your return payment, at the time of the delivery.

Our payment terms remain the same, and by billing at the door, our customers now see the bill sooner, and have more time to plan to make the payment.

For a period of time, during the transition, we will still mail an invoice to you. At some point in the near future, we’ll stop mailing a separate invoice. This has been a request of many of our customers over the years, and we’re pleased to fulfill their request.

If you would like to find out more about our flexible payment plans, click here or call 888-847-7672.

Since this is the actual invoice, we want to be sure the driver leaves the paperwork in the best spot at your home or business. If you have a particular location (front door, side door, garage door, back door, etc…) where you prefer that we leave the invoice for you, please call us at 888-847-7672 and we’ll update your account.

Don’t Forget Online Payment Options: For those customers who really want to go paperless and prefer the ease of online payment or autodraft, please sign up today for those convenient and free programs.

Monthly or annual billing customers – you will NOT receive your bill at the door. Those customers will still receive only a delivery ticket at the door. You will receive a monthly invoice/statement as always for payment.