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We know one thing about today’s volatile market: Anything that can save financially strapped consumers a little green comes as a breath of fresh air. That’s why energy-efficient homes are in demand. They reduce energy costs every time homeowners turn on the heat, hot water, or range. Sure, eco-friendly homes are good for the environment, but the bottom line is this: Green makes good economic sense — for builders and homeowners. And for many projects, no energy source makes more sense than the clean-burning efficiency of environmentally friendly propane, which can earn builders up to 199 points in the NAHB green building guidelines — halfway to gold.

Exceptionally efficient

Nothing challenges a family’s pocketbook like a cold, blustery evening. In the dead of winter, buyers want a home heating system that can keep them warm and save them cash. Propane delivers — with furnaces that heat air up to 25 degrees warmer than electric heat pumps. Plus, propane can reach a peak efficiency of 95 percent. Compare that to the 85 percent efficiency of home heating oil, or the large carbon footprint produced by electric heat from coal-fired power plants. Propane is exceptionally efficient and clean, leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the environment.

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A more energy-efficient furnace isn’t the only way propane will get a standing ovation from your buyers. Just ask building manufacturer Gary Hydock, who takes an approach on home heating that’s tailor-made for propane’s high-efficiency characteristics. Hydock’s company, GCS Radiant, produces radiant floor heat panels made of recycled glass and concrete. In combination with highperformance, sealed combustion propane boilers, they can drastically reduce heating costs while providing comfortable, floor-up heat. The GCS Radiant system utilizes precast modular concrete panels with grooves for tubes that circulate warm water from the boiler. “Our radiant product, with new hightech propane boilers, is more than 95 percent efficient,” Hydock said. “It’s an ideal vehicle for delivering heat.”

Exceptionally green

When buyers ask you about energy options for their home, you can improve their energy choices by sharing with them the many green benefits of propane. Here are some key propane facts:

Exceptional underground

Underground Propane Tank
Underground propane storage tanks are out of sight and easy on the environment. Made from
recycled materials, these highly durable tanks can be reused and then recycled after decades of operation. Most importantly, because environmentally friendly propane is released as a gas, it won’t contaminate groundwater or soil in the event of a leak.

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Provide the environmental benefits, convenience, and comfort your buyers demand by using energy-efficient, clean-burning, eco-friendly propane in your next home. This exceptional energy source is a graceful solution that delivers a world of benefits while emitting just half the CO2 of electricity, most of which is produced at coalfired power plants. By building propane systems into your design plans, your homes will be more attractive to today’s buyers. And that means a greener payoff for you. Learn more about a world of green energy options at your local propane retailer today.