ThompsonGas is…

  • Family owned and operated since 1946
  • 18th largest U.S. retail propane supplier
  • Serves 190,000 customers in 11 states
  • Successful acquirer of 22 propane businesses throughout the Eastern U.S.
  • Focused on residential (84%), industrial/commercial (60%) and agriculture/other (40%)
  • Our centralized supply, transportation and logistics business…
    • Consolidates demand/buyer power
    • Lowers costs, expands margins and reduces risk
  • We sold 30MM gallons of propane in FY2013… ThompsonGas Distribution has 1.8mm gallons sold/19 systems
  • ThompsonGas owns 71.6% of tanks in the Smokies, North East and Alabama

Trust your company to the ThompsonGas acquisitions team.

  • Purchased 16 propane companies since FY2006
  • Invested approximately $60 million in retail propane since FY2006
  • Long-term goal to invest $10mm-$20mm per year in retail propane companies
  • Targeted EBIDTA acquisitions of $67.3 million
  • New partners will gain…
    • Cash at Close – a portion of the total equity value of the transaction
    • Cash Distributions – pro rata share of ongoing distributable cash flow every quarter
    • Proceeds from Potential IPO – potential net cash proceeds from public offering of MLP
    • Limited Partnership Interest – equity value of shares owned through limited partnership interest in MLP
  • Management can earn up to 20% of total profits

Our acquisition strategy

  • Expands residential, commercial and metered customers
  • Preserves high tank control with customers
  • Increases the number of customers on “level pay” pricing plans

Our acquisition criteria

  • Immediately accretive to ThompsonGas cash flow
  • Propane markets with high percentage of tank control

Transaction originators are veteran industry professionals

  • 60 years of experience
  • Leadership roles in NPGA and PERC



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